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Webcam model jobs, they seem to be showing up everywhere. If you look at websites like or and search for “web cam work”, “webcam model jobs” or even “web modeling sites” you’ll find all kinds of wild outlandish claims of wealth and prosperity that will instantly be bestowed upon you once you “become a webcam model”, but beware… many are shady fly by night operators with no real business presence online. They will take most of your income and provide you with no choice as to your per minute prices you charge. Sometimes you’ll get paid by them, sometimes they will vanish overnight with everyone’s earnings. It happens all the time. Even others are simply outright scams designed to try and steal your personal information for nefarious reasons. Now if you happen to run into a shady webcam studio operation, the FIRST thing that WILL happen when you find these questionable operators is that they will NOT willingly disclose the % they charge you for being in their webcam studio. If you can’t find the amount they charge YOU on their recruiting website, click on their company email link (usually at the bottom of the page) and drop them an email and ask them three SIMPLE questions… (remember, your asking 3 simple questions that should be returned with a simple percentage amount for each question.)

1) “what percentage does your company pay me”.

2) “what percentage does your company charge me”.

3) “what percentage does the streaming site you represent charge me.”

GUESS WHAT?? 95% of the studios you ask those 3 questions to will NOT come back with 3 simple answers, MOST WON’T EVEN REPLY AT ALL.

WHY IS THAT?? Shady webcam studio operators HATE THESE 3 QUESTIONS because they can’t hide how much money THEY are charging YOU! The actual streaming site should take the majority for operational expenses, advertising, programming, bandwidth and the best programmers, the next highest paid should ALWAYS BE THE MODEL. The STUDIO should always be taking the LEAST percentage and it should never be above 6%. These shady operators charge anywhere from 10% to OVER 25% of your weekly earnings. Go ahead, write a few web cam modeling companies and see for yourself. bookmark this page, go try it and see. You can thank us later! Rememeber, CamSharks charges ONLY 3% and NOBODY CHARGES LESS! You’ll make MORE as a CamSharks web cam model.

Now this is important, the above 3 percentage answers should ALWAYS total up to 100% when added together. If they don’t… RUN away! For example, with CamSharks the answers to questions 1, 2 and 3 above are simple, they add up to 100% and are as follows:

  1. “what percentage does your company pay me”                                             CamSharks answer: 32%
  2. “what percentage does your company charge me”                                       CamSharks answer 3%
  3. “what percentage does the streaming site you represent take.”                CamSharks answer 65%

The above answers represent AN INDUSTRY BEST for adult webcam studio’s. That’s right! Camsharks charges you ONLY 3% (NOBODY charges LESS), we pay you 32% (FAR MORE than the CLOSEST competition) and the live streaming webcam network we repesent, which is the largest in the world, gets the remaining 65% for operation and bandwidth expenses, along with an unmatched level of quality buyers traffic they bring to you and finally the cutting edge security and programming needed to keep your business up and running! There are MILLIONS spent every month on bringing your live video chat webcam room the QUALITY traffic needed to make this your every day income and because you focus your time and energy on a single massive location, your not stretched thin, running from site to site to try and collect small change amounts from each place. Thats the wrong approach for webcam and one that ends up costing you money in the end. A good rule of thumb is create a LOT of social media accounts everywhere, driving ALL your traffic to YOU… But send all those buyers to ONE live webcam site so you can concentrate on being the best. You fans will come to know where to find you in time. Your brand and business will grow and your overall workload will be reduced. Most cam sites have a way to open a fan club for extra income on top of your live webcam earnings selling access to your adult picture or video clips. This is done in most cases via recurring membership, and the website handles all the billing, just as with your live pay per view webcam minutes you sell so all you have to do is upload your video clips and pictures and your fans can buy into your fan club right from the same place they take you into a live show! Your fans STAY in one place and that reduces not only your workload but the percentages they will get “lost” on someone else on the other site your not at as much. Face it, you’ll go MOST where the money is and neglect the others, again, another mistake. Yes, opening a fan club through your webcam studio account is easy and will add another EASY revenue stream without having to share your customers between different competing sites. There is so much more to learn… Let us teach you… SignUp NOW at CamSharks.

With that being said… IF you signup with a good webcam studio, one that offers REAL training, helpful advise and an actual phone number where you can call for help. If you find a reputable webcam studio that publishes what they pay and charge up front, one with an impressive background in the webcam industry, it IS possible to make a great 6 figure yearly income from your own home working on web cam being a web cam model. It takes a real desire and strong determination to succeed, but serious professional full time webcam models DO make in EXCESS of $100,000.00 per year. EVERY YEAR. Some girls make much more. Take Jennifer Vegas for example, the actual CamSharks web cam model shown at the top of this page, the very gorgeous Jenn came to us years ago seeking advanced knowledge and training from CamSharks on making it in the adult webcam industry and with it, Jenn showed us the true desire, determination and follow through needed to become a full time professional webcam model. A perfect match was born and Jenn was on her way! It wasn’t easy, nobody said it would be, but Jenn succeeded in her goals and does so to this very day, working on webcam. We are proud of ALL our models, were proud of Jenn and we like to think we helped each one of our successful web cam models get there faster!

Now let’s touch on today’s webcam topic: awards shows (and why if your a webcam model you shouldn’t bother to attend them.)

Webcam awards shows are not like adult film award shows. For now, they are populated by what I would call “pay here, here’s your pat on the back and here’s your trophy.” You see, current “awards” shows are put together by promoters who offer nothing really. There are very few if any fans at these shows, instead, you pay to attend this industry event where you shake hands with all the talent that spends much of their days trying to figure out how to beat you in the very business your supposed to be celebrating. In the meantime, smart models who see through this money grab realize that by staying home they not only have unrestricted access to all the members that are usually served by the girls that are attending the show, but you have several DAYS to work on those new to you customers and make them yours. Webcam is NOT porn. While cam girls can be somewhat known, their lack of commercial movies makes them barely known compared to professional porn stars and for that reason and many others that you will learn through proper webcam model training with CamSharks, going to these shows is a waste of your money and time. Remember, webcam awards shows make the web cam promoters money, not you. You can start and end your webcam model job search right here at CamSharks Recruiting. APPLY HERE

Watch for another webcam model jobs / employment blog posting here soon!!

Webcam Modeling – Do YOU Have What It Takes?


Being a professional webcam model earning an every week, reliable income is not always as easy as you might think. It takes a combination of skill, personality, sales ability, determination to succeed, the follow through and work ethic needed to be your own boss and pure raw exhibitionism. Many females and couples decide to try webcam modeling as a way to make ends meet or to change their lives but rarely do they do the homework required to ensure success before signing up with a webcam company or studio. Common mistakes inexperienced people often make include joining a web cam site based only upon the percentage that they receive. While percentage paid is something to watch for, beware of any site claiming to pay 50% or more and likewise any webcam modeling studio that doesn’t publish the amount they charge you up front. BOTH of these are examples of webcam modeling studios to quickly stay away from. Let me explain. First the webcam sites that claim to pay out 50% to 90% of the money you take in. If a site pays out that much, they have NO TRAFFIC, that means sitting there for hours on end with NO CUSTOMERS. It’s really that simple. Quality traffic costs millions to buy for a webcam site and that doesn’t include HUGE bandwidth costs, fraud prevention, tech support, programmers, etc. a webcam modeling company must pay out EVERY month to keep those and new customers coming day after day, year after year. No company can pay out that much and still deliver enough business to keep you in the money. Think about it, it’s just not possible. Don’t believe the hype. A good, FAIR percentage to look for as far as your take, should be in the range of 30% to 35%. At those margins, a webcam company can be profitable in the long run and bring you enough new, fresh customers month in and month out to bring you a reliable 6 figure income, provided you have the work ethic to put in the working hours required to succeed… more on that in a later blog post. A webcam modeling studio, who will help you succeed and provide training and telephone assistance should also be chosen with great care. First, look for a studio who takes no more than 6% or LESS. You’ll find when checking around that if you write most webcam modeling studios asking for the percentage they take from you, they will either not answer you or will write back with some long winded explanation about hours online vs time in private and give you a confusing range of payout percentages. Don’t buy into that. It’s a simple question… HOW MUCH DO YOU CHARGE? It should be answered with a simple percentage, nothing more. If they won’t answer that, turn and run away or pay the price later. Ask around and see who will even answer your question straight up. Most won’t even reply, much less post it on their websites. CamSharks webcam modeling charges 3%. You receive 32% of ALL sales on the site. The site takes the rest for promotion, advertising and costs to do business. A very nice arrangement for everyone involved and most importantly, FAIR! There are NO chargebacks and NO holdbacks. You are paid every single week, for every show you do with no waiting time, your paychecks start coming your first week working! You CAN make a reliable income with CamSharks! We have successful webcam models that have been with our company for over 10 years, making thousands of dollars EVERY WEEK for that entire time. They changed their lives with CamSharks webcamming and you can too IF your are a dedicated model and smart enough and most importantly choose the right company to apply for that webcam jobb at that will help guide you through the process and provide training and support down the road. After choosing a studio to go through, then the real work begins. You must be certain to create an interesting public profile, one that will attract men to your free chat room where with training and experience you will learn how to quickly convert those men into paying customers for years to come. You need a room that is quiet and clean to use as your broadcasting studio area. Be sure it is well lighted or bring in extra lighting to provide clean crisp video to the streaming video website. Gone are the days of choppy, grainy video. You must broadcast in full 1080p HD! Thats where the proper computer or laptop as well as FAST broadband internet and a great video camera come into play. You can’t compete with sub-standard video anymore, it must be exceptional. You will need at the very minimum a windows computer with an i7 processor (or comparable MAC computer/laptop) with a minimum again of at least 4 GB of DDR3 RAM memory, more memory is better so if you can afford more, BUY IT! a good example of a suitable, affordable computer that is excellent for webcam modeling can be found here at BestBuy for under $550.00. It is the computer we recommend most frequently. You can spend more money if you want for bells and wistles, but you can get a great start with this laptop that can do the job with no trouble at all. Now for the webcam. The great news is you no longer have to spend a ton of money to get a GREAT quality HD 1080p webcam. We recommend using the Logitech C920 1080p webcam with built in microphone. It’s VERY affordable and you can buy it from anywhere they sell webcams. We recommend using a well known outlet again like best buy to get it at. You can find it here for $64.99 In a future blog post we will be talking about and discussing the learned art of selling in webcam modeling. It is a learned experience for all but the most talented and will ultimately decide your long term success or failure in the wonderful world of webcam.

We can fast track you to making great money. We have over 20 years experience in the webcam modeling business! Let us teach and train you! We have xxx webcam jobs open for females and couples aged 18 years and older (19 years and older in Canada)

You CAN do it… We CAN help! Signup as a CamSharks Webcam Model HERE!