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Make Money on Webcam - Jayda Diamonde

Make Money on Webcam – by Jayda Diamonde

Make Money on Webcam: I was told by a pornstar once on Twitter that you must spread yourself out and get as many small points of income as possible from video, picture, voting and all kinds of other adult sites…. and that I was doing it all wrong. She wanted me to ask my agent, lol.


While you are spreading yourself thin everywhere, working endlessly trying to keep everything up to date and current, trying to get guys to click multiple links day after day, for other companies websites no less. You’ll keep adding up all those small amounts that they each pay you, some weekly, some bi-weekly and some monthly… meanwhile you keep struggling. That isn’t the way… unless of course you lack the follow through, ability & discipline that it takes to REALLY earn the BIG money on webcam, week after week, consistently… like I and many other dedicated models do, year after year. We keep cashing checks you can’t imagine. They keep toiling while believing that kind of money from webcam as not really possible and while for some that may be true… for others they are just lacking the proper training, advise and most of all, follow through to climb their way into the TOP producing webcam models spots. Its REAL and it DOES EXIST. For me and many others, there are no videos to make, then upload and send to customers, no pictures to shoot and autograph… then mail out or upload, no wishlists to fill out, no webstores to stock, no begging guys to go here and go there. No road trips to make, no websites pressing me to send traffic to them day after day for small money. There are also no agents telling me where to go, what time to be there and what I’m going to do. There are no conventions to waste time at. I have ZERO travel expenses, ZERO downtime. I don’t have to have actual sex with anyone either and everything I do, I not only do from HOME, but it’s ALL LEGAL! I answer to myself, not an agent or company. No “privates” in LA for me (know what I mean pornstars?). My best year on webcam, I earned over 300k on ONLY MY INDIVIDUAL WEBCAM EARNINGS, FROM ONE SITE. I also appeared that year on stage at the Xbiz awards with the owner of Streamate and accepted their award as The highest “income producing” chathost on the entire webcam site. Not most popular, not longest online… HIGHEST INCOME PRODUCING CHATHOST for the YEAR! I did that for 4 years in a row and appeared as a result in several paid tv commercials for the company as well. All from ONE place, without worrying about nickels and dimes from 10 websites to earn a living. Can you “make money on webcam”?… YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! We can help.

Jayda Diamonde – Adult Film Star / Webcam Legend

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