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Make Money on Webcam - Jayda Diamonde

Make Money on Webcam – by Jayda Diamonde

Make Money on Webcam: I was told by a pornstar once on Twitter that you must spread yourself out and get as many small points of income as possible from video, picture, voting and all kinds of other adult sites…. and that I was doing it all wrong. She wanted me to ask my agent, lol.


While you are spreading yourself thin everywhere, working endlessly trying to keep everything up to date and current, trying to get guys to click multiple links day after day, for other companies websites no less. You’ll keep adding up all those small amounts that they each pay you, some weekly, some bi-weekly and some monthly… meanwhile you keep struggling. That isn’t the way… unless of course you lack the follow through, ability & discipline that it takes to REALLY earn the BIG money on webcam, week after week, consistently… like I and many other dedicated models do, year after year. We keep cashing checks you can’t imagine. They keep toiling while believing that kind of money from webcam as not really possible and while for some that may be true… for others they are just lacking the proper training, advise and most of all, follow through to climb their way into the TOP producing webcam models spots. Its REAL and it DOES EXIST. For me and many others, there are no videos to make, then upload and send to customers, no pictures to shoot and autograph… then mail out or upload, no wishlists to fill out, no webstores to stock, no begging guys to go here and go there. No road trips to make, no websites pressing me to send traffic to them day after day for small money. There are also no agents telling me where to go, what time to be there and what I’m going to do. There are no conventions to waste time at. I have ZERO travel expenses, ZERO downtime. I don’t have to have actual sex with anyone either and everything I do, I not only do from HOME, but it’s ALL LEGAL! I answer to myself, not an agent or company. No “privates” in LA for me (know what I mean pornstars?). My best year on webcam, I earned over 300k on ONLY MY INDIVIDUAL WEBCAM EARNINGS, FROM ONE SITE. I also appeared that year on stage at the Xbiz awards with the owner of Streamate and accepted their award as The highest “income producing” chathost on the entire webcam site. Not most popular, not longest online… HIGHEST INCOME PRODUCING CHATHOST for the YEAR! I did that for 4 years in a row and appeared as a result in several paid tv commercials for the company as well. All from ONE place, without worrying about nickels and dimes from 10 websites to earn a living. Can you “make money on webcam”?… YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! We can help.

Jayda Diamonde – Adult Film Star / Webcam Legend

Think about that… or better yet, get serious, rethink things and get dedicated to REAL success! Signup here for

Webcamming: Set a Schedule… Be On Time!

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CamSharks Recruiting


Once you have signed up for a webcam modeling jobs account, gotten approved and are ready to work, the very first thing you need to do is set your webcamming schedule. Your webcam schedule will be translated and converted to our customers worldwide enabling our best paying members to easily find you and come spend money in your room. Just as important and where inexperienced models begin to screw up is in NOT following the schedule they set for themselves. Adult webcamming jobs require YOU to be your OWN BOSS. Sounds easy, but that means being professional and understanding this must start at the TOP with YOU. You need to set that schedule, have your hair and makeup done, set up your web cam studio, adjust your lighting and then above all else… BE ON TIME TO YOUR OWN ADULT WEBCAM JOB and SHOW UP and then be sure to STAY THERE FOR YOUR ENTIRE SCHEDULED SHIFT!

Great high paying members go through our sites daily looking for new hot attractive webcam girls to spend money with. Many of these members could easily become nearly everyday spenders in your webcamming chat room and provide you with a regular income for years to come IF you live up to your end of the deal. However, if you feel as though your entitled to just come and go and work when and if you feel like it, taking off weekends for one thing or another, not setting a schedule and not giving anyone who wants to see you the real ability to know when you will be in your webcamming home based studio from week to week, then they will leave you and find someone else to spend their money on, no matter who you are or how hot you are. You won’t notice it at first, just a slow weekly decline in your placement and new/old customers coming into your room. If that happens, it is on YOU. You are NOT doing something correct. If you will listen, we CAN help. Webcam rewards those that work and produce and to do that you MUST be there working during the busy times… worry less about your play time and worry much more about your financial future. Many adult webcam models make this mistake after getting a few big paychecks in their new job or having a good first year on cam. They spend all their money, start taking off weekends for everything imaginable then can’t understand where their customers and placement are when they finally return. That’s right, after finally finding a way to make huge reliable money, they fall in the self created trap and begin to go back on the work ethic they originally put into the business, If you do that, you’ll be on your way to a self-created crash and burn as your money will keep dropping until you have changed your ways… Don’t make the rookie mistakes that will cost you your chances at success. CamSharks Recruiting will help you succeed the FIRST TIME! Our webcam models make MORE because we charge LESS! Signup today by clicking on the Cam Shark above or CLICK HERE!!

Webcam Model Jobs / Awards Shows


Webcam model jobs, they seem to be showing up everywhere. If you look at websites like or and search for “web cam work”, “webcam model jobs” or even “web modeling sites” you’ll find all kinds of wild outlandish claims of wealth and prosperity that will instantly be bestowed upon you once you “become a webcam model”, but beware… many are shady fly by night operators with no real business presence online. They will take most of your income and provide you with no choice as to your per minute prices you charge. Sometimes you’ll get paid by them, sometimes they will vanish overnight with everyone’s earnings. It happens all the time. Even others are simply outright scams designed to try and steal your personal information for nefarious reasons. Now if you happen to run into a shady webcam studio operation, the FIRST thing that WILL happen when you find these questionable operators is that they will NOT willingly disclose the % they charge you for being in their webcam studio. If you can’t find the amount they charge YOU on their recruiting website, click on their company email link (usually at the bottom of the page) and drop them an email and ask them three SIMPLE questions… (remember, your asking 3 simple questions that should be returned with a simple percentage amount for each question.)

1) “what percentage does your company pay me”.

2) “what percentage does your company charge me”.

3) “what percentage does the streaming site you represent charge me.”

GUESS WHAT?? 95% of the studios you ask those 3 questions to will NOT come back with 3 simple answers, MOST WON’T EVEN REPLY AT ALL.

WHY IS THAT?? Shady webcam studio operators HATE THESE 3 QUESTIONS because they can’t hide how much money THEY are charging YOU! The actual streaming site should take the majority for operational expenses, advertising, programming, bandwidth and the best programmers, the next highest paid should ALWAYS BE THE MODEL. The STUDIO should always be taking the LEAST percentage and it should never be above 6%. These shady operators charge anywhere from 10% to OVER 25% of your weekly earnings. Go ahead, write a few web cam modeling companies and see for yourself. bookmark this page, go try it and see. You can thank us later! Rememeber, CamSharks charges ONLY 3% and NOBODY CHARGES LESS! You’ll make MORE as a CamSharks web cam model.

Now this is important, the above 3 percentage answers should ALWAYS total up to 100% when added together. If they don’t… RUN away! For example, with CamSharks the answers to questions 1, 2 and 3 above are simple, they add up to 100% and are as follows:

  1. “what percentage does your company pay me”                                             CamSharks answer: 32%
  2. “what percentage does your company charge me”                                       CamSharks answer 3%
  3. “what percentage does the streaming site you represent take.”                CamSharks answer 65%

The above answers represent AN INDUSTRY BEST for adult webcam studio’s. That’s right! Camsharks charges you ONLY 3% (NOBODY charges LESS), we pay you 32% (FAR MORE than the CLOSEST competition) and the live streaming webcam network we repesent, which is the largest in the world, gets the remaining 65% for operation and bandwidth expenses, along with an unmatched level of quality buyers traffic they bring to you and finally the cutting edge security and programming needed to keep your business up and running! There are MILLIONS spent every month on bringing your live video chat webcam room the QUALITY traffic needed to make this your every day income and because you focus your time and energy on a single massive location, your not stretched thin, running from site to site to try and collect small change amounts from each place. Thats the wrong approach for webcam and one that ends up costing you money in the end. A good rule of thumb is create a LOT of social media accounts everywhere, driving ALL your traffic to YOU… But send all those buyers to ONE live webcam site so you can concentrate on being the best. You fans will come to know where to find you in time. Your brand and business will grow and your overall workload will be reduced. Most cam sites have a way to open a fan club for extra income on top of your live webcam earnings selling access to your adult picture or video clips. This is done in most cases via recurring membership, and the website handles all the billing, just as with your live pay per view webcam minutes you sell so all you have to do is upload your video clips and pictures and your fans can buy into your fan club right from the same place they take you into a live show! Your fans STAY in one place and that reduces not only your workload but the percentages they will get “lost” on someone else on the other site your not at as much. Face it, you’ll go MOST where the money is and neglect the others, again, another mistake. Yes, opening a fan club through your webcam studio account is easy and will add another EASY revenue stream without having to share your customers between different competing sites. There is so much more to learn… Let us teach you… SignUp NOW at CamSharks.

With that being said… IF you signup with a good webcam studio, one that offers REAL training, helpful advise and an actual phone number where you can call for help. If you find a reputable webcam studio that publishes what they pay and charge up front, one with an impressive background in the webcam industry, it IS possible to make a great 6 figure yearly income from your own home working on web cam being a web cam model. It takes a real desire and strong determination to succeed, but serious professional full time webcam models DO make in EXCESS of $100,000.00 per year. EVERY YEAR. Some girls make much more. Take Jennifer Vegas for example, the actual CamSharks web cam model shown at the top of this page, the very gorgeous Jenn came to us years ago seeking advanced knowledge and training from CamSharks on making it in the adult webcam industry and with it, Jenn showed us the true desire, determination and follow through needed to become a full time professional webcam model. A perfect match was born and Jenn was on her way! It wasn’t easy, nobody said it would be, but Jenn succeeded in her goals and does so to this very day, working on webcam. We are proud of ALL our models, were proud of Jenn and we like to think we helped each one of our successful web cam models get there faster!

Now let’s touch on today’s webcam topic: awards shows (and why if your a webcam model you shouldn’t bother to attend them.)

Webcam awards shows are not like adult film award shows. For now, they are populated by what I would call “pay here, here’s your pat on the back and here’s your trophy.” You see, current “awards” shows are put together by promoters who offer nothing really. There are very few if any fans at these shows, instead, you pay to attend this industry event where you shake hands with all the talent that spends much of their days trying to figure out how to beat you in the very business your supposed to be celebrating. In the meantime, smart models who see through this money grab realize that by staying home they not only have unrestricted access to all the members that are usually served by the girls that are attending the show, but you have several DAYS to work on those new to you customers and make them yours. Webcam is NOT porn. While cam girls can be somewhat known, their lack of commercial movies makes them barely known compared to professional porn stars and for that reason and many others that you will learn through proper webcam model training with CamSharks, going to these shows is a waste of your money and time. Remember, webcam awards shows make the web cam promoters money, not you. You can start and end your webcam model job search right here at CamSharks Recruiting. APPLY HERE

Watch for another webcam model jobs / employment blog posting here soon!!